The need

The situation

The facts speak for themselves, young people worldwide and especially in lower income countries, are not getting the education they deserve and are not being adequately prepared for the future.

  • 1 in 5 children, adolescents and youth worldwide are still not attending school (UNESCO, 2018).
  • Schooling does not lead to learning and 1 in 6 children & adolescents leave school without a basic level of reading and maths skills (UNESCO, 2018)
  • Many schools face shortages of teaching staff and those in place lack necessary training.
  • Students are learning content that will have minimal application to their lives - key personal skills and attributes are not being taught.
The situation
Why Education Matters

Why Education Matters

Meaningful education undoubtfully has the power to transform lives and societies.

Students that are being taught valuable skills are more likely to stay in school and will be better prepared for the future, improving their prospects.

Globally, if we look at the big picture, we know that better quality education and improving prospects, especially through educating girls, can help to reduce birth rates, slow population growth, and build more tolerant, inclusive and peaceful societies.

When thinking of the impact on individuals living in poverty, access to inspiring education can mean having a better chance of overcoming challenges, capturing opportunities and building a more secure and successful life for themselves and their families.

How our work is helping

Our work uses inspiring resources and activties, alongside training to support teachers, to enthuse young people and build valuable skills that can help their future prospects and empower them to better realise their own potential. 

 We know we are a small part of the ‘education jigsaw’, and that is why we endeavour to work closely with governments, local partners and agencies to implement our work, ensuring it complements current or developing curriculums and educational systems.

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How our work is helping

"This programme is much needed in society, in Kenya, in Africa. With it we can engage our learners and we can have a different generation that can make decisions on their own, realise their dreams and not struggle in the future."

Walter, Teacher in Embu, Kenya

How can you help?

Our educational programmes can help inspire, motivate and give young people hope. We need your support as a donor, fundraiser or volunteer to give more young people across Africa the opportunity to build and achieve their dreams. 


Giving a regular or one-off donation can directly help us to expand our reach to further inspire and educate.

Fundraising & Challenges

Taking on an ambitious fundraising event or challenge can help support others in achieving their dreams


Your time and skills can help us to further our impact, helping many more young people be ambitious and courageous in life.

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